Trauma-focused Therapy

Trauma can shape your life in numerous ways you may not even realize. If a traumatic experience is preventing you from living your healthiest, most-fulfilled life, I’m here to help with effective trauma focused therapy.

How can trauma-focused therapy help?

One of the many mental health services we offer, trauma therapy is designed to help clients process and recover from traumatic experiences. Traumatic experiences are significant upsetting incidents that can have far-reaching physiological, psychological and emotional implications.

How common is trauma?

Trauma is more common than many people realize. You may experience trauma due to the loss of a loved one, a natural disaster, an illness, divorce, a car accident, physical or emotional abuse, and more. There are a few common types of trauma:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which occurs after someone has been through a difficult, often scary experience.
  • Complex trauma, which results from repeated traumatic incidents. These traumatic experiences compound in the individual.
  • Developmental trauma, which is a disorder that results from a child being severely neglected during the early years of his or her life.
  • Trauma caused by a natural event, such as trauma resulting after a wildfire or a mudslide.
  • Trauma experienced as a result of intimate partner violence, also known as domestic abuse.

In short, a wide variety of experiences can cause trauma, from the uncomfortable to the dangerous and terrifying. Trauma can be caused by a single event, or an ongoing experience. In any case, my trauma focused therapy in Agoura Hills is designed to help you successfully move past your traumatic experiences and heal.


Personalized COunseling

Each person’s trauma is unique to their own experiences, but some of the common symptoms of trauma include: emotional swings, anger, headaches, flashbacks, depression, nausea, guilt, shame and a sense of isolation. My trauma treatment is designed to help clients throughout Ventura County address their experiences so that these symptoms lessen as much as possible.

People who have experienced trauma often pull back from interpersonal relationships, especially if their trauma was caused by another human. Trauma treatment in Agoura Hills can help you feel mentally healthy and balanced, and can support building healthy relationships in your life.

Fortunately, trauma treatment can help you move beyond your traumatic experience. Through trauma focused therapy, you can restore your sense of safety, your confidence, and your mental health.

A multi-faceted approach to trauma therapy

Together, we can use a variety of trauma informed therapy options to help you improve your life and get it back on track.

Possible treatments may include:

During this evidence-based and research-backed trauma therapy, we will take steps to help you process your trauma. After taking the time to understand the specific sources of your emotional pain, we will work through your traumatic memories using visual imagery to process painful feelings. The goal of EMDR trauma therapy is to help you feel empowered and positive, even when faced with negative memories.

Also known as talk therapy, CBT is trauma focused therapy that can help you transform your thoughts and perceptions, giving you the tools you need to move past traumatic memories and into a better frame of mind.

If your trauma causes you to react in a disproportional way in certain situations, DBT is trauma treatment that can help. Building on CBT, it helps you identify negative thought patterns while cultivating the skills you need to cope in a variety of situations.

Mindfulness is an invaluable part of addressing the body-mind connection in trauma therapy. I incorporate mindfulness techniques in my trauma focused therapy in part as a means of teaching clients how to successfully regulate their sympathetic nervous systems in conjunction with EMDR and DBT.

Mindfulness is also important in learning to observe the mind and thinking and being present with what is happening in a non-judgmental way. Meditation and Tai Chi are two of the practices that are taught to assist individuals in controlling their minds instead of having their minds control them.

Being actively mindful can also help one get away from the fight, flight and freeze responses that can result from traumatic experiences. Other great benefits include better sleep, improved concentration, decreased anxiety and a feeling of serenity.


Start your Journey with Trauma-focused Therapy Today

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