Addiction Recovery

For most people in recovery, fighting the battle alone does not work. You need a support team around you, to help you make healthy choices and avoid circumstances that are damaging to you. By choosing an addiction counselor, you have a partner to advise, support and encourage you on your journey to recovery. Enlisting members of your family or those in your circle of friends to be aware of your needs, and to be prepared to assist you, can be a life changer. Surround yourself with the team you need to achieve success.


How does addiction therapy work?

The first step to recovery is to realize and accept that you have a problem. For many addicts, denial keeps them from stepping into the arena of support that they need. If you suspect that you may have a problem with any kind of substance or behavior, seeking addiction counseling may be the smartest move you could make. As your recovery therapist, I can help you determine if you do have a problem, and help you map out a strategy for recovery.

Managing Your Triggers

Once you accept that you have a problem and choose to overcome it, we can work together to discover what triggers you and lay out a plan for your victorious life. By knowing what situations and environments to avoid, we can pinpoint the moments that matter most to you, and help you prepare for those moments. I can help you sort out the paths ahead and determine your best steps to success.


Changing Behavior Patterns

The key to recovery is in identifying destructive behavior patterns and creating new responses to those moments. By changing your reaction to various situations, you can begin to control the direction of your life. An addiction counselor can help. I can help you find your personal strengths, and develop strategies you can use to empower yourself against the old behavior patterns and set yourself up for the best choices.

Get Started on Your Journey to Recovery Today

If you are struggling with an addiction, don’t go another day without assistance. Reach out to me for help. Addiction counseling can provide encouragement, identify the complex issues, and help you build skills to overcome. Contact me today and we’ll get you on your journey to recovery.